Releasing: Aug 9 ഈ പെരുന്നാളിന് Directed : Sameer Thahir Releasing: Aug 9


101 Chodyangal” is all about Bokaro (Milon) who is a student studying in 5th standard. Bokaro is coming from a very poor family consisting of his father Sivanandan (Murukan), Sathi (Lena) and his disabled sister. Sivanandan lost his job and Sathi is trying a lot to make the life of the family move. A new teacher (Idrajith) comes to Bokaro’s School.Bokaro develops a special love towards his new teacher. After understanding the situation of Bokaro’s family he feels like definitely helping Bokaro’s Family. The teacher also develops a special care towards Bikaro. What the teacher like mostly from Bokaro is his questioning nature. The teacher gives Bokaro a task of writing down ‘101 questions’ which comes in his mind and the teacher also promises that he will pay 1 rs for each question. The movie is based on the 101 questions which Bokaro prepares. The questions are like the one with innocence but pointing to the tru condition of this world.

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